Cafe Landwer

Cafe Landwer is a chain of cafe/restaurants in Israel that has expanded to the U.S. and other countries. Israeli cafes take their breakfasts seriously, and Landwer is no exception. The “Famous Breakfast” is the classic Israeli breakfast, including bread, labneh (soft white cheese), a small salad, and an array of other condiments. The only other restaurant we have reviewed with this offering is Tatte, which incidentally has a competing location right across the street from Landwer. Landwer’s breakfast is more traditional Israeli — Tatte’s breakfast condiments were too sweet for my taste.

The “famous” Israeli breakfast at Cafe Landwer.

Landwer offers multiple types of shakshukah, all high quality. We enjoyed both the havarti and the feta, with a slight preference for the feta.

Their breakfast menu is admirably extensive, and some non-Israeli options are included.

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